Little Alfie Timber Sale

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Wed Jan 7 18:14:42 EST 1998

 mcready at writes:

> The U.S. Forest Service was created to manage the
forest, not to make money.
>If the judge rules in favor of Earth First!
and Earth Protectors and grants a
>restraining order on the Little Alfie
timber harvest, it will set a precedent
>for all timber harvesting on
public lands, especially national

Should this happen, we may as well eliminate the U.S. Forest
They will serve no purpose if they are prevented from doing what
>have been entrusted to do - managing the forest.

Good Post!  It is insane the hoops the USFS now have to jump through to sell
timber; another needed and environmentally sound logging operation gets locked
up in court.

Let face it.  The USFS is unfortunately becoming a forest caretaker and not a
forestry manager.  They can no longer manipulate a forest using sound forest
management.  Might as well give it all to the US Park Service.  Maybe that has
been the idea all along.

Private property is the next target.  It is coming as surely as another

Steve Nix

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