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> 	I'm looking for any periodicals (newspapers, newsletters, magazines, etc.)
> that relate to agroforestry or forestry in the NW (specifically WA state). 
> "Any" suggestions would help.

I can't help you with Washington state, but in Oregon I get:

Northwest Woodlands - quarterly - OSWA
OSWA Update - monthly - oswa at,

The Douglas Woodland Update - Douglas County chapter of OSWA
Gary Groth editor. 541-672-0267

    These are part of OSWA membership, but you might work out 
    some sort of subscription deal.  I think other county
    chapters also have local newsletters.  The last Douglas
    Update was 14 pages of 8.5 x 14, plus two pages of
    informational flyer, so you can see that the local
    newsletters are not trivial projects.  Northwest Woodlands
    runs 32 pages.

Focus on Forestry - Oregon State University school of forestry.

    This is a college thing.  Don't look for much about forestry

Oregon Forest Report - biennial report for Oregon Legislature 
Most recent edition 1997.

Forest Log - six times a year from ODF

I'm sure the industrial forest operations have their own associations and
publications, plus the quarterly and annual stockholder reports for 
the big corporations and your odd piece of PR material, which can be
quite informative sometimes.  The BLM and USFS probably have publications

It's a huge industry.  Why don't you post a summary of what you come
up with?  I think it would have general interest.  

-- Larry

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