Faculty position - Silviculture

Daleburt dfd at ecug.com
Thu Jan 8 08:24:48 EST 1998

Well said John.  I believe that a balance of both, ground-based knowledge and silvicultural
theory, is required as more and more is asked of the foresters on the ground.  Let's hope the
forestry schools are listening.  Train the new generation of foresters in both and let their
personal qualities dictate which they are stronger in upon graduation.  I enjoy the good-natured
rivalry between various schools, but I pray we won't become so polarized that the forest suffers.

John Vona wrote:

> Joseph Zorzin wrote:
> >Not picking on you here of course, but this short field requirement
> >thing really shows how the forestry "intelligentsia" trully has no
> >respect for forestry field work. I've seen this over the years - >working as a "mud" forester
> Being a transplant to California I thoroughly enjoyed the rivalary
> between Humboldt State and Berkeley foresters, the former the premier
> mud forester program and the latter a ivy league theoretical program.
> Humbodlt doesn't even have a summer program, they simply don't need it
> because apparently most of the curriculum is in the woods; while at
> Berkeley the field work is in then computer lab. Where I worked the
> humboldt alumni would quip that the Berkeley guys couldn't read a map or
> compass, but then again the resource manager was a Berkeley grad and so
> the debate raged on.
> It's good to be proud of mud forestry, it's essential but we can't
> disparage theory out of hand.  A colleague of mine is a graduate of
> German forestry grad and the system of forestry education is officially
> split there having Forest Technology program equivalent to a B.S. or
> alternatively, a 5 year program that produced students with an
> equivalent to a MS degree that is theoretically more rigorous.  We have
> a similar situation in the states although many would argue that
> Humboldt like programs offer sufficient theory and that might be true as
> well.

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