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Wed Jan 7 23:13:09 EST 1998

"J. Fiske" <jfiske at> wrote:

>For those of you out of the know "ForestFairs Site" is the New York Forest
>Owner's Association, and can be found at
>Check it out, it's a good little site! (but I am biased 'cause I am a member
of NYFOA)!

Me too!

The updated version is at:

A brand-new addition to the site is an article on TIMBER THEFT which was
written for New York forest owners, but which offers tips useful anywhere.  
The article is from a booklet written to accompany video and filmstrip
presentations to landowner groups.

The TIMBER THEFT video is available for $7.00 from NYFOA, PO Box 180, Fairport,
NY 14450-0180.  


>Jostnix <jostnix at> wrote in article
><19980104135901.IAA11517 at>...
>> Mr. Lee Laechelt directs a very informative state association of forest
>> in Alabama.  Please check out Alabama Forest Owners Association's site at:
>> I know that there are similar associations in other states (ForestFair's in
>> York) and I want to collect these urls on one site. 

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