Timber sales

jimi jimi_hendrix at NOTanEMAILaddress.com
Thu Jan 8 18:47:39 EST 1998

Keith Boyd wrote:
> Larry, I agree with you most wholeheartedly. Pine trees are a huge
> moneymaking business here in the Southeast. Paper companies are buying
> every single acre they can get their hands on. Why? To cut the timber
> off of it and then come right back and replant more pine trees. After,
> about 10 years, they thin those out. Then another 10-20 years later they
> clearcut what's left. And then they start all over again. The trees are
> definitely worth more than the land could ever appraise for.
> Keith
> Larry Caldwell wrote:
> >
> > In article <34B1186E.37C7 at NOTanEMAILaddress.com>,
> > jimi <jimi_hendrix at NOTanEMAILaddress.com> wrote:
> >
> > > Before you cut, are you interested in selling some of the acreage, lock,
> > > stock and mineral rights?
> >
> > > You may be suprised on how much a real-estate agent will appraise your
> > > land compared to the long term value of the timber.
> >
> > That's interesting.  Here in western Oregon, realtors think of timber as
> > a sort of huge arbor vitae in the back yard.  It's not uncommon to find
> > property selling for less than the value of the standing timber.
> >
> > Before I trusted a real estate appraisal, I'd hire a forester for a
> > cruise and appraisal.
> >
> > -- Larry


Exactly the point I was trying to make!
Let me buy the land outright since the value of the resources on it are
higher than the "listing" price.  If I only had more cash!!!!!


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