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> How do I subscribe to mushroom the journal?
According to the Fall, 1997 issue of Mushroom the Journal:

"Subscriptions to this magazine are $16 a year, $28 for two years and $39
for three years. All subscriptions are payable in advance, as the
publication operates on a cash basis. Overseas subscriptions are
delivered by surface mail, and are the same price as domestic
subscriptions. Oversears subscribers may wish to submit payment by
international postal certificate. Otherwise checks or money orders must
be drawn on U.S. or Canadian financial institutions, and checks from
Canada should be marked "U.S. dollars.""

"Back Issues"

"New subscriptions always start with the next quarterly issue. It is not
possible to start subscriptions with earlier issues, but back issues may
be ordered at $4 each postpaid (or three or more at $3 each postpaid). As
of March 1997, most of the issues before 20 were available only in
photocopied form."

"Have a Question?"

"...Send all correspondence to Box 3156, Moscow, Idaho 83843."

Daniel B. Wheeler

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