Northeastern Forest -- Sugar Maple Question

Mike Hagen mhagen at
Thu Jan 8 12:13:43 EST 1998

Just out of curiosity, about how old are these trees? Is this is merely
an appearance defect or doe it have effect on usability? Is there a
fungal association? 
Out here off color is a defect for music wood (OG sitka spruce or
maple). It is nearly always a sign of incipient rot which becomes more
visible as the wood ages. 

ForestFair wrote:
> I'd like to hear from some Northeastern foresters about the possible cause(s)
> of darker sugar maple timber?  As our harvest progresses we're finding that the
> sugar maple is darker inside than the loggers expected, and the prices they'll
> be able to get for it will be somewhat lower than they'd hoped.
> My guess was minerals in the soil, although I have no idea exactly how that
> would produce darker wood.  A forester/friend who knows something of the
> history of the area suggested that soil compaction and intensive grazing by
> sheep in the 1800's is involved.
> ForestFair

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