"The Forest Where We Live"

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>>Bill not sure that all State Foresters would have seen this announcment about
>>the airing of the program "The Forest Where We Live."  This is a one hour
>>program put together by the Louisiana PBS group via a grant from the USFS
>>(NUCFAC Challenge Cost-Share Program) on urban forestry.  The program will be
>>aired free of charge on February 1, 1998 at 7:00 pm EST.  Stations have the
>>option of airing it at that time or taping it and airing at a later date.
>>stations should receive information about the feed from the National
>>Television Association (NETA).  I would appreciate it if you would send this
>>information out to all of the states.  Thanks.
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>>Subject:    "The Forest Where We Live"
>>Author: <ERIC_OLDAR at fire.ca.gov (ERIC OLDAR)>
>>Date:       1/5/98 2:08 PM
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