Does Nature Know Best?

Charles Samuels arktika at
Fri Jan 9 00:21:47 EST 1998

Mike Hagen wrote:

> I suspect that Dan is itching to get a debate going but in this group,
> who's going argue? The longer we (foresters of mud and other breeds)
> do
> this work, the more we realize that we don't know the whole picture.
> And
> that's not to say that we're incompetant; we're not, there's some
> excellant talent here. It's just that the picture keeps getting bigger
> and more detailed.

Its too bad that a few others, such as those arguing global warming,
rise of the oceans, and melting of the ice caps, would admit that the
picture is much bigger and more complex than the simple statements seen
in the press. (and in these news groups)


Charles Samuels

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