Little Alfie Timber Sale

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Sat Jan 10 02:56:27 EST 1998

mcready at writes: >>...The U.S. Forest Service was created to
manage the forest, not to make money. If the judge rules in favor of Earth
First! and Earth Protectors and grants a restraining order on the Little Alfie
timber harvest, it will set a precedent for all timber harvesting on public
lands, especially national forests. Should this happen, we may as well
eliminate the U.S. Forest Service.  They will serve no purpose if they are
prevented from doing what they have been entrusted to do - managing the
jostnix at writes:  >...The USFS is unfortunately becoming a forest
caretaker and not a forestry manager.  They can no longer manipulate a forest
using sound forest management.  Might as well give it all to the US Park
Service.  Maybe that has been the idea all along. Private property is the next
target. .........<

McReady,  Not sure from your post if you are aware or not, but this sort of
thing has been going gangbusters in the Pacific Northwest for several years
now.  Hundreds of sales tied up or eliminated.  Over the past eight years the
Forest Service has sold only 22% of normal.  Log prices have doubled and even
tripled in some cases. Many mills have gone under for lack of logs - and more
will be going as private timber cannot sustain the present onslaught.

So I think the precedent has already been set and even though it is taking the
public forests out as competitors for private timber and the kick in prices
should help out private forest management - if there is even a mill left to
sell logs to - it is a crying shame for the public to get beat out of their
timber supply and make the NFs into playgrounds for the affluent - or is it

As Jostnix says, private property is next, and as I understand it private
property is already being targeted in the form of the Interior Columbia Basin
Ecosystem Management Project (ICBEMP) located in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and
Montana.  I have just been made aware of this so don't have the straight scoop,
but understand that this proposal throws private land in the pool with public
land as far as management activities are concerned - and what with the
"environmentalists?" controlling the public lands........... .

I don't think we should just stand by and let them take our National Forests
and make parks out of them.  It may already be too late, but the least we can
do is try to counter their lies and innuendos with the facts.  Most people just
don't know the facts.  Many actually think the hills are bare and the last tree
is about to be cut!  I'll bet there is a lot of Social Security money going to
perpetuate this fraud.

Comments on the ICBEMP must be in by February 5th.  People who would like to
comment may get a copy of the 3" thick draft document by writing or calling: 
Upper Columbia River Basin EIS Team, 304 8th St., Room 250, Boise, Idaho 83702,
phone (208) 334-1770, or FAX (208) 334-1769.


Seumas Mac Phadruig
Industrial Forest Opns. Mgr. (Ret.)
Inland Northwestern U.S.

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