Does Nature Know Best?

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> > > I regret to burst the bubble, but I am unconvinced that foresters know
> > > how to grow trees.
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> I have _never_, sir, implied that foresters know nothing! Our knowledge
> base has to come from somewhere. I simply suggest that the most valuable
> commodity from forests is not timber. I do suggest that timber is a good
> specialty forest crop.

Humm, some what of a conflict in intent, if not in fact.
> Regretfully most timber managers I have met have only timber in mind. I
> suspect management solely for timber is uneconomic. The growth of the
> mushroom industry within the last 15 years supports this statement.  This is the meaning of obligate mycorrhizae.

You need to read more carefully the posts here and at alt.forestry for
content from foresters.  You may find you have been meeting the wrong

My opinion remains the same, and your statement varifies it, "And while
trees can grow in greenhouses without mushrooms and other fungi, the
opposite cannot be said.".  It it cannot be said, why do we have the
acreage of forests we have now?  Or do you mean that mushrooms and other
fungi cannot be raised without the trees?  If that is the case, what
studies have you made into the physiology of trees?  I would hope at
least to the level we  foresters have taken the time to achieve.

Have a good day, and the shitake mushrooms in my stew last night were
wonderful, raised on sweetgum logs, in Texas.

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