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Sun Jan 11 19:50:31 EST 1998

Steve Nix to the Bionet Group:

I have four kids and my wife thinks I'm the fifth.  Some times I think so to.

I have accompanied Smokey on visits to elementary schools (I was never big
enough to wear a Smokey costume) and they were fascinated.  I talked, Smokey
waved.  Joe Zorzin would make a good bear.  Come back Joe.

About the fifth grade kids try to find watches and shoes under the outfit.
totally out grown Smokey at 12.  What keeps them fascinated then - probably the
opposite sex...

My latest feature is "Kids and Forestry".  I am a little disappointed that
there is not more content on the Internet for children; but I think I have
found the best available.
Go to and review the latest feature.


My newsletter went out and is working well.  I give some behind the scenes info
on The Mining Company and last issue discussed kudzu and forestry employment. 
Sign up for the newsletter at  on the right side
column of the welcome page.

I got to make a decision about my bulletin board.  It will probably be up next
week.  I promise it will not compete with agroforestry or alt.forestry.  I will
post my ramblings and hope it might become a meeting place for foresters and
forest owners.

Thanks for listening on a Sunday night,

Steve Nix, forestry guide
The Mining Company

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