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> have been searching your site for the button to press to get the Smokey
>Bear (or is it Smokey Bear sans the the?) calendar?  If you send me
one, I
>will put it up in my office for all to see. 

Thomas -

My rambling happened well over 10 years ago.  Alas, I have no calendar to give.
 Smokey is a major business which has been a major burr under my beadspread. 

I do remember they were so expensive  the county commission would only approve
me purchasing an alternate calendar that had a non-copyright bear....Yes, even
Smokeys time and stuff costs money.  WalMart and several local businesses
helped by a suit for over $5,000.

For Smokeys site go to my latest feature.  I think another post here had the
URL.  You wont be able to get and Smokey trinkets there however.  Rights to
sales of Smokey icons and stuff is mostly farmed out to the private
sector...The US Forest Service, Inc

Gotta love it.

Steve Nix, Alabama Registered Forester #745 

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