Management of America's Nonfederal Forests

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The Board on Agriculture for the National Research Council consists of
all but two affiliated with Universities or Colleges, the odd
>two being
from a law firm
and the USDA, Ag Research Services.

Scary Isn't it Don - The academics and USFS rule in the forestry publication
world.  I want you to look at the latest Journal of Forestry, go to the back
and read who reviews publications for the SAF.  I'll buy you a fifth of scotch
if you know more than one or two of the hundred who review for the Journal.

The really bad part is I know hundreds of the best practicing foresters in the
United States.  None review pubs for The Journal.  Where are these experts
dredged up from?  I, as many foresters, would like to see applied forestry
leaders making a printed contribution.  Probably never happen.

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