Does Nature Know Best?

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> Dan, are you trying to tell this group that one can make more money
> anywhere in the US leaving any forest intact and selling its truffles?

It is not possible to make more money +anywhere+ in the US at this time.
But the tremendous growth in fungi worldwide certainly indicates at lot
of expansion available.

It has been estimated that the world would have to produce 60 metric tons
of truffles per year before price and demand would reach equilibrium.
This would account for people trying to order truffles from me from
England, Australia, Hong Kong, Croatia, Germany, Canada, Mexico,
Argentina... you get the idea. I prefer to sell within the US at this

By accessing the database at the site below, you can get some idea of
just how widespread truffles are in the US, and during what time. And
truffles make up only 500-600 of the estimated 12,000 found in the
Pacific Northwest.

Maybe not make more money anywhere in the US. But make a pretty good
living most places where fungi area available, yes. The key is figuring
out how to cultivate them.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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