Management of America's Nonfederal Forests

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Mon Jan 12 22:36:17 EST 1998

I have received a copy of "Forested Landscapes In Perspective: 
Prospects and
Opportunities for Sustainable Management of America's Nonfederal
Forests", authored
by the Committee on Prospects and Opportunities for Sustainable
Management of
America's Nonfederal Forests, Board on Agriculture, National Research
published by the National Academy Press, Washington, D.C. 1997.

I think the nature of the publication can be identified by the members
of the committee:

Paul V. Ellefson, University of Minnesota, St. Paul
James K. Agee, University of Washington, Seattle
Keith A. Argow, National Woodland Owners Association, Vienna, Virginia
Jeanne N. Clarke, University of Arizona, Tucson
Preston D. Cole, City Forestry Services, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Dominick A. Dellasala, World Wildlife Fund, Washington, DC
Henry Gholz, University of Florida, Gainesville
J. Keith Gilless, University of California, Berkely
Perry R. Hagenstein, Institute for Forest Analysis, Planning, and
Policy, Wayland, Mass
Neil D. Hamilton, Drake University Law School, Des Moines, Iowa
James E. Hubbard, Colorado State University, Fort Collins
Keith Ross, New England Forestry Foundation, Groton, Mass
John T. Shannon, Arkansas Forestry Commission, Little Rock
Ronald L. Trosper, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff.

The Board on Agriculture for the National Research Council consists of
17 individuals,
all but two affiliated with Universities or Colleges, the odd two being
from a law firm
and the USDA, Ag Research Services.

Acknowledgments were given to "the many people who provided information
and insight
to the committee by participating in the regional public forums held in
conjunction with
this study.", and they expressed thanks to individuals who served as
invited speakers at
committee meetings to share their expertise and experience.

Oluf Aalde, royal Norwegian Ministry of Agriculture
Thomas Birch, USDA Forest Service
Joan Comanor USDA Forest Service
Charles H. W. Foster, JFK School of Government, Harvard
Jan Heino, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Helsinki, Finland
David Kittredge, Department of Forestry and Wildlife Management, U of
Thomas Larson, Integrated Urban Forestry, Inc.
Robert Moulton, USDA Forest Service
Eric Oldar, California Dept of Forestry and Fire Protection
David Perry, Oregon State University
Jeffrey Romm, University of California
Gerald Rose, Minnesota Dept of Natural Resources
Henry Swan, Wagner Forest Management Ltd., Lyme, New Hampshire
Courtland Washburn, Hancock Timber Resource Group, John Hancock Mutual
Life Ins 

It is interesting (for me) to note that the people on the committee and
who gave
"testimony" are not of the private sector, with one or two exceptions, 
and that five of the committee are either political scientists or
lawyers, or, a little more than 1/3 of the committee.  There are one or
two with economics degrees, and one native American.  But no Private
Landowners,  unless the committee persons own land.  Indeed, Keith
as president of the National Woodland Owners association is a former
USDA Forest
Service Employee, associate professor of forestry at Virginia Tec and
holds degrees in
economics and forestry, and PHD in  forestry and political science.

In short, can we say "Ivory Tower"?  I knew you could.  No company
represented on the
committee, no private land owner with out a PHD, no consultant, no
working biologist,
ecologist, entomologist, or any other working-ologist.  

To keep things short, I will offer the news groups short portions of the
document over a
period of time.  Hey, I'm old, takes a while to absorb 200 pages of IT
communications.  If you have specific questions as we go along, feel
free, I will give an opinionated answer.
Don Staples

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