Crop protection without chemicals

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Tue Jan 13 17:02:11 EST 1998

We propose new organic biotechnology of cotton, tobacco, corn, sugarcane
crop protection from nocturnal and crepuscular insects. The proposed
protection biotechnology is unique from the point of view of its
efficiency and 100% ecological safety. This  biotechnology excludes the
use of chemicals and biological pesticides which  are accumulated by
and plants, causing great damage for people, flora and fauna. The use of
this crop protection biotechnology on 200.000 hectares in Uzbekistan
proved it to be profitable. The owner of 5000 hectares cotton
reaps using that biotechnology extra 1000 tonns of raw organic cotton.
The President of Turkmenistan S.Niyazov had given the recommendation to
use this biotechnology in his country. If you concern with organic crop
protection, e-mail us about the use of our biotechnology. 

Vladimir S. Odintsov
Doctor of biological sciences,
Academician of Russian Peoples Academy
Moscow, Russia

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