BLOW UP THE MOON and jolt the Earth into a new orbit

Bill Bonde stderr at
Mon Jan 12 23:42:48 EST 1998

Kevin wrote:

> On 12 Jan 1998 03:40:05 GMT, abian at (Alexander Abian)
> wrote:
> [snipped more lunatic ravings]
> Is there some way we can get ahold of this idiot's ISP and have him
> removed?
> I shouldn't be replying, and I'm ashamed of it, but this jerk gets
> I know, on my
> nerves.
> One more for the kill file.

That content doesn't warrant censorship.  The spamming to a zillion
groups,.however, is a problem. Notice, of course, that everyone repling
back is doing the same thing and we are not nearly as funny. BTW, I
checked, there is no to be found. It's all a JOKE.

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