*Come and SEE the latest developments in genetics with our web-cam!

ronald eshuis eshuis at poboxes.com
Tue Jan 13 14:53:20 EST 1998

*Come and SEE the latest developments in genetics with our web-cam!*

We have noticed you are interested in genetics, Biotechnology, genetic
engineering and/or similar subjects.
This is the reason we send you this email, to make you aware that
CoiLGen has his site up,  including a web-cam with a "new" life-form
named Cabi.

CoiLGEN`s primary interest is to create "new" and intelligent life
Started with just one project, CoiLGen has now grown to respectable
size, with good and 
innovative results in development and research in the field of
With a staff of five people and a history of six years we try to
create intelligent life for the 
well being of human kind.

please visit us, and say hi to our Cabi.

or email us your reaction.
coilgen at biosys.net


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