Management of America's Nonfederal Forests

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>Maybe it is time for the practicing foresters to begin their own journal.
have become convinced that in order to be involved in this
society of ours it is usually necessary to begin a *new*
>organization rather
than expect the old to change.  Many (most) organizations
>are narrowly
focused and won't budge.  


***Organization: The act or process of organizing or being organized -

I want to play futureist here.

I think you are seeing the death-knell of organizations as we know them.  One
of the greatest organizing tools ever invented is sitting right in front of you
as you read this post. Every man or woman can now be a publisher and will have
unlimited access to the things organizations and associations made available in
the past...and most of it will be free.

Organizations and associations that do not address this are doomed.  Quite
frankly, I don't know if they have a future.  They most certainly do not if the
needs of their members are not met.  The narrow focused group that wont budge
will die.

Journals will be collections of material developed in html and accessed on the
World Wide Web.  And they will be broadly curtailed because answers will be
gathered and distributed "live" with BBs, newsgroups, and newsletters.  The
organization is bypassed.

 If you are a betting man go with technology.  Bet that the Internet is the
wave of our future. That Societies and Associations and Councils and
Organizations will look much different than they do now.  Bet that we will all
be better for it.

I wonder what it felt like to be a horse trader just as Henry Fords car plant
produced his 1 millionth car.

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