Where's the bear?

paul at panix.com paul at panix.com
Tue Jan 13 10:49:49 EST 1998

>TREEFARMER at webtv.net wrote:
>Is he lurking in the woods or just hibernating?

I was wondering the same thing. Here in the southern end of the
northeast there were no horrendous icestorms-- just incredibly warm
weather-- i.e.: N.E. PA is usually around 10-20 degrees F. average
this time of year. But--- it's been in the 40-50F range for the past
couple of weeks. 

Questions-- do they (black bears here) become terrestrially active
when extreme warm weather systems permeate areas normally immersed in
sub-freezing winter weather? And, what might their temperments be if
they are up and about? Sluggish? Hungry? 


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