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FOREST FOCUS, the bulletin of the Western Ancient Forest
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A FOREST ROAD MORATORIUM:  "The Clinton Administration is
considering issuing a moratorium on road-building in the National
Forests while it develops a new policy to control the controversial
practice.  It's a good idea.  The reflexive opposition it has drawn from
certain members of Congress ought to be brushed aside," said an
editorial in today's Washington Post.  Referring to the potential
exemptions of the Tongass and Northwest National Forests, the Post
also said, "The Administration loses credibility if it yields to the
pressure and fails to make the moratorium system wide."  

HILL LEADERS IN SUPPORT...:  Key Representatives and Senators
have written to the Clinton Administration encouraging strong roadless
area protection.  A letter from Northwest Reps. McDermott (D-WA),
Furse (D-OR), Blumenauer (D-OR) and Hooley (D-OR) stated, "We
wish to express our support for a strong roadless area protection policy
to provide much needed protection to forest wildlands throughout the
Northwest and across the nation."  Another letter, signed by twenty
California Representatives called for "an immediate halt to all logging
and road building in inventoried roadless areas."  A letter from Sen.
Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) called for "an end to future commercial
logging and road construction in inventoried roadless areas."  Yet
another letter signed by Sens. Boxer (D-CA), Bryan (D-NV), Reid (D-
NV) and Torricelli (D-NJ) says, "Humans depend on clean water
provided by roadless forest areas - areas where human caused
sedimentation and erosion are limited," and urges the Administration
to, "immediately halt all logging and roadbuilding in roadless areas."

A letter from six Republican senators told the Clinton Administration
that they would strongly resist attempts by the Forest Service to ban
logging in roadless areas reported the Associated Press.  Sen. Frank
Murkowski (R-AK) and Larry Craig (R-ID) were the lead authors of
the letter which said that any administration attempt to make political
points from the issue would doom the new roadless-area strategy.

wilderness becomes increasingly scarce, the recreational and existence
values of our remaining roadless areas can be expected to increase over
time relative to the value of extractive uses of these areas," said a letter
to President Clinton from 21 respected American economists.  The
letter details the benefits and costs of protecting roadless lands.  Less
than one percent of the total annual cut in Oregon and Washington
would be affected by including the Northwest forests in the
roadbuilding moratorium.  The letter concludes that, "the employment,
income and price impacts of protecting these areas are likely to be
extremely small in percentage terms."

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