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Tue Jan 13 21:13:07 EST 1998

Any ideas if this will improve the very poor times that the Western
Canadian industry has
been experiencing?  The companies in British Columbia have pretty much put
a halt on their hiring of UNB students.  They do this even after claiming
that UNB produces better employees.  I guess the extra $1000 to fly us out
there is just too much.

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On Sat, 13 Dec 1997, Don Staples wrote:

> From:  Texas Forestry, December 1997.
> "In February of this year, U.S. Customs took the position that 2x4 and
> 2x6 studs with predrilled holes for wiring, cables and pipes are under a
> different tariff heading and are now viewed as "builders joinery and
> carpentry".  This ruling has since been expanded to include notched
> lumber.  CAnadian producers are using this loophole by expanding exports
> of drilled and notched studs that are being shipped to the U.S.  If not
> revversed, this ruling threatens to negate the U.S./Canada Lumber
> Agreement and reintroduce unbridled subsidized imports from Canada"
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