Toward Mycostry

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Tue Jan 13 19:09:26 EST 1998

dwheeler at writes:

>Absolutely true. This is the essense of the term obligate mycorrhizae.
>However, growing trees in soil generally requires mycorrhizal fungi for
>long time frames: like the life of the tree.

I agree with your responses, you are absolutely correct about the importance of
mycorrhizae to a healthy forest ecosystem.  I thought your comments about
foresters were just a little off base.  We are not completely ignorant about
mycorrhizal relationships with tree roots.  They are simply one element of the
soil environment necessary to grow trees....the commodity we are asked to

We are not all tree farmers (and there is nothing wrong with those, they have
their place too).  So, when you start lumping us all into some level of
ignorant boobs, you can expect a little toasting.  <g>

Bob Miller
Alabama Registered Forester

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