State Forestry Survey

Jostnix jostnix at
Wed Jan 14 07:38:11 EST 1998

I have rigged up a web survey and I would love to do a little analysis.  The
site is located on my welcome page, right side in community section at
<>.  The first survey will be on state forestry
agencies.  I'd like to do one a month.

I will compile the response and publish the results.  It will be very
unscientific but I think will give us good information.  Only problem is it has
to be filled out and sent in to do us any good.  And It may be a little
confusing for the computer novice. But Im gonna try.

To send in the survey:

1.)  Go to the hyper text called forestry survey on the Welcome Page at
Forestry at The Mining
2.)  Copy survey and paste to new e-mail (instructions included).
3.)  Read and fill out survey...
4.)  Send to me at at

Please try and lets see if it works.  Your name will not be used or asked and
lurkers can be assured that your e-mail will not be used outside this project.

Steve Nix
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