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>Understanding.  11-13 March, 1999, Peabody Hotel, Memphis, TN
>Background: Bottomland hardwood forest ecosystems provide numerous and
>diverse benefits to society including wildlife habitat, timber
>water quality enhancement and flood control.  Unfortunately, these
>are the most rapidly declining wetland type in the United States and
>remaining tracts are often fragmented and degraded.  Resource managers
>challenged with often conflicting objectives such as managing for
>species of wildlife, restoring degraded habitats, and balancing timber
>production and environmental concerns.  Thus, this symposium and
>book will synthesize existing information on the ecology and management
>these critical ecosystems in North America.
>Content: Invited and contributed sessions
>* Ecosystem structure, function, and processes
>* Critical reviews of:  Reforestation, Restoration, Silvicultural
>Practices, and Greentree Reservoirs
>* Current and future issues in bottomland hardwood forests
>* Strengths and weaknesses of existing policies
>* Future research needs
>Who should attend? This symposium is desirable for scientists,
>natural resource managers, corporations, and policy makers; therefore,
>individuals with interests in bottomland hardwoods are encouraged to
>attend and participate.
>Tentative Schedule of Events:
>Wednesday, March 10, 1999:
>        Registration
>Thursday, March 11, 1999:
>        Session I:      Overview of Bottomland Hardwood Forests
>        Session II:     Hydrology and Water Quality
>        Session III:    Soils and Soil Communities
>        Session IV:     Invertebrate Communities
>        Session V:      Vegetative Communities and Plant Succession
>Friday, March 12, 1999:
>        Session VI:     Fish and Wildlife Communities
>        Session VII:    Forest Management
>                        Silviculture
>                        Greentree reservoirs
>                        Landscape management
>Saturday March 13, 1999:
>        Session VIII:   Reforestation and Restoration
>        Session IX:     Policy and Public Use
>        Optional ½ day field trip
>Symposium Site and Accommodations:
>        The Peabody, Hotel, the AGrand Hotel of the South@ and home of
>famous Peabody Ducks, will be the location of the symposium's business
>sessions and social events.  A block of rooms at special rates has been
>reserved.  (Reserve by calling 1-800-732-2639 /$101 single/double;
>$116/triple; $131 quad)
>Other Accomodations
>        The Holiday Inn Select ($89 single/double; 1-888-300-5491) and
>Sleep Inn ($83 single/double; 1-800-625-5337) are nearby and rooms have
>been reserved for the symposium.
>        Registration will be approximately $100 -$125 per person. 
>will be peer-reviewed and published in an edited book.  All registrants
>will receive a copy of the book free with their registration.  Lunches
>Thursday-Saturday will be included in the registration fees.  Rooms will
>be available for group meetings during evening hours.  Depending upon
>interest, a field trip may be scheduled to local forest management and
>restoration sites.  For more information on the symposium, contact Dr.
>Leigh Fredrickson or Annette Wiseman at: gaylord at; Gaylord
>Memorial Laboratory, Rt. 1 Box 185, Puxico, MO 63960; or (573) 222-3531.
>Initial Sponsors
>        Arkansas Game and Fish Commission
>        Ducks Unlimited, Inc.
>        Mississippi State University, Forest and Wildlife Research
>        University of Missouri
>        U.S. Geological Survey, National Wetlands Research Center
>        Wildlife Management Institute
>Interest Form
>        To assist in conference planning please complete and return this
>form to:
>                        Bottomland Hardwoods Symposium
>                                c/o Gaylord Memorial Laboratory
>                        Rt. 1 Box 185
>                        Puxico, MO 63960
>                        Fax: (573) 222-3221
>                        e-mail:  gaylord at
>        Please check all that apply:
>        ___ I am interested in attending the bottomland hardwoods
>        ___ I am interested in presenting a paper at the bottomland
>hardwoods symposium.
>Address:_____________________________   Phone:_______________

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