Ice Storm & NY Maples

ForestFair forestfair at
Thu Jan 15 23:15:26 EST 1998

Early reports from the north country are that the ice storm that hit much of
the northeast last week had a devastating effect on sugar maples in northern NY
(and probably in VT and Quebec).  New York has 20% of the sugar maples in the
US, and  some long-standing sugarbushes are no longer standing.   Large trees
snapped off, causing stems to split and twist   

One affected sugarbush owner interviewed on the news said she sees the end of a
way of life for many families -- by the time new maples grow to a productive
size, those who know the "how" will not be around to teach their grandchildren
how to produce maple sugar products.

There are still tens of thousands without utilities, and thousands remain in
shelters in NYS.   No reliable estimates of damage in the outlying areas (and
most of the area in northern NY can be described as "outlying") are yet

Off-topic:  A reply that I wrote on Sunday to a message in this newsgroup about
Forestry and Kids appeared on AOL for the first time today (1/15) bearing
today's date, and soon after, a duplicate appeared.  The message to which I was
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