When Will They Get a Clue?!

Karl Davies kdavies at igc.apc.org
Thu Jan 15 22:41:20 EST 1998

Did I detect a sore Republican toe?  Sorry Steve, but I just
can't resist stomping on them whenever I have an opportunity. 
Actually, I didn't really intend to single out Republicans
because I don't think they're any worse than Democrats on issues
regarding corporate power.  That's the basic issue, whether
corporations will be allowed to continue to exercise tyrannical
powers over our lives.  

In this case, it's a matter of whether we will have some control
over the quality of our climate and environment.  In other cases,
it's whether we will have control over our food supply (see my
recent posting in sci.environment), or the continued existence of
democracy in the world, plus other minor stuff.

Concerning ultimate responsibility, I don't buy the argument that
it's just individuals making individual choices.  I believe that
if people were honestly informed about the risks involved with
continued air pollution, they would exercise the precautionary
principle and make better choices.  However, that option is not
given to them/us because of the amount of money that corporations
have at their disposal to control political debate and media
coverage of important issues.

Karl Davies, Consulting Forester, Environmental Extremist

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