Management of America's Nonfederal Forests

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>>The really bad part is I know hundreds of the best practicing foresters in
>>United States.  None review pubs for The Journal.  Where are these experts
>>dredged up from?  I, as many foresters, would like to see applied forestry
>>leaders making a printed contribution.  Probably never happen.
>I am just a lurker so who am I to butt in.  I read this  newsgroup to learn
>about what is happening from a public administration or *citizen
>involvement* perspective rather than to learn about technical forestry
>issues, although some of that has been interesting also.  Here is my two
>cents worth on this issue.
>Maybe it is time for the practicing foresters to begin their own journal.  I
>have become convinced that in order to be involved in this pluralistic
>society of ours it is usually necessary to begin a *new* organization rather
>than expect the old to change.  Many (most) organizations are narrowly
>focused and won't budge.  They do what they do because of the money involved
>rather than from a strictly held philosophical perspective.
>Sorry for butting in.  BTW, there are a lot of good thinkers in this
>newsgroup.  I don't agree with all of them but I still appreciate reading
>the thoughts.
>Emil Knutti

An place of publication for the practicing forester was one of the
prime purposes for establishing the  Southern Journal of Forestry, the
Northern Journal of Forestery, and the Western Journal of Forestry.
The degree to which forestersd, as opposed to researchers, have
utilized those journals is , in my opinion, disappointing.

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