Ice storm, trees, urgency : Translation

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>         Verglas, arbres et urgence.
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>                         Florent Lemieux
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Ice, trees and urgency.

Have the deciduous trees of south-eastern Canada experienced the worst
disaster of this century, or is the worst still to come ?

 * 4 days of ice leading to 2-3 inches (5-7.5 cm) of accumulated ice.
 * 2 days of mild weather, and now temperatures below -20 degress

Assessment will follow in the coming days, but many trees have only the
trunk remaining, with a few side branches.  Will the worst come when
some people clear-cut some areas because they want to use the main part
of the tree before the tree inevitably dies, and is 100 percent
commercially lost.

What will be the ecological and economical impact of this large-scale
work that the - mostly private - woodland owners are preparing to do ? 
What criteria are used to correctly diagnose the problem ?  What are the
solutions that are being suggested ?  Can anyone suggest any
possibilities of a solution, or does anyone want to have an exchange of
views on this subject ?


Translated by Martin Flower

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