US imports vs exports of wood products

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I was one that questioned you on the numbers, they blow my hat in the
creek.   A nine to one ration of imports over exports is incredible. 
Let us see if we can get that broken down into usable numbers by source
and product.

Good job, Geary.

Geary N. Searfoss wrote:
> Greetings:
> I made a post back in December when the thread was about the bill to stop
> logging on national forests, that the US imported more wood than it
> exported. A couple of folks e-mailed me and asked for my source of
> information.
> I apologize that I have taken so long to get back, the last month and a
> half has been very hectic. I ran across this the other day and thought
> I'd throw it on the newsgroup for fodder.
> According to the NFRC (Northwest Forest Resource Council), for the year
> ended 12/31/96 the US imported 18.2 billion board feet(bbf) of lumber.
> For the same year, the US exported only 2.38 bbf of logs and 1.93 bbf of
> lumber.
> I do not know whether the figures include volumes of wood in finished
> products (i.e. furniture), or pulpwood, or newsprint products.
> If you're interested in pursuing it further the NFRC's phone # is
> 503-222-9505 and the material does state that for more information to
> give them a call.
> Geary Searfoss

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