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FOREST FOCUS, the bulletin of the Western Ancient Forest
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GAPS IN THE ROADLESS PLAN:  Editorials by the San Francisco
Chronicle, the Denver Post, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the Portland
Oregonian and the New York Times all called for no exemptions for the
Pacific Northwest or Tongass National Forests in the upcoming
roadbuilding moratorium.  "It seems odd to us that the Administration
would be considering a blanket exemption from the moratorium for
Alaska's huge Tongass National Forest," said the Oregonian.  The
Post-Dispatch said the exemptions were, "tantamount to issuing
restrictions on the beer industry but exempting Anheuser-Busch and
Miller."  Here's to you!

DAMAGE:  The Sequoia National Forest acknowledges that logging
and building roads is a management activity which is an irreversible
and irretrievable commitment of resources that causes compaction of
the soil and decreases long term site productivity according to the
"Silviculture Working Papers, Mandatory Disclosures" for the Kelso
Timber sale.  "The National Forest Management Act provides that
lands be classified as unsuitable for timber production if technology is
not available to assure no Irreversible resource damage," said Ara
Marderosian of the Sequoia Forest Alliance which is opposing the sale.

The Umpqua National Forest announced that more than half of the
disputed Judie timber sale in the Hardesty Mountain Roadless area
would not be logged.  Instead, portions of the sale will be withdrawn in
exchange for replacement volume that is equivalent in value.  "This is a
case where we can protect a popular roadless area while still meeting
the goals of the President's Northwest Forest Plan said Rep. Peter
DeFazio (D-OR) who encouraged the swap.  According to Umpqua
Forest Supervisor Don Ostby, the issue is a matter of public trust. 
"The reason for replacing volume is because we didn't discuss the
roadless aspect with the public during the analysis process," Ostby said,
"It was an honest oversight but one which requires positive steps to

The Forest Service has just approved a plan to log in a roadless area in
the Baker City, Oregon Municipal Watershed using specially designated
funding for a service contract.  This project did not sell for several
years because it was not profitable, but the Wallowa Whitman NF
sought and received special "pilot project" funding with the help of
Sen. Ron Wyden's (D-OR) office.   "It will allow the Forest Service to
experiment with unproven theories about thinning for fire hazard
reduction in the worst possible place; a municipal watershed in a
roadless area," said Barry Carter of the Blue Mountain Native Forest

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