Timber sale results

Ron Wenrich woodtick at lebmofo.com
Fri Jan 16 21:27:17 EST 1998

Recent timber sales on PA state forest lands:

    858.8 Mbf of mostly black cherry - $1,519,404    a little over

    900 Mbf of mostly black cherry - $814,925     a little over

    62 Mbf of mostly beech - $22,150  a little over $350/Mbf

     720 Mbf of mostly red maple - $323,587   a little under $450/Mbf

     924 Mbf of mostly red oak - $505,581   a little under $550/Mbf

Looks like those bland woods are starting to come on.  Prices for oak
seem to be stable, while other species are starting to catch up.  The
state has done outstanding management, and it is showing up in their
timber sales, except where there are high road building costs.  In
some areas of the state, the only quality timber left is on public


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