Ice Storm & NY Maples

Ron Wenrich woodtick at
Sat Jan 17 14:21:05 EST 1998

J. Fiske wrote:

> I've seen and heard about some of the damage to Sugar Maple in the northern
> part of New York also. In addition to the problems ForestFair mentions I'd
> also encourage anyone who has undamaged Sugar Maple to hang onto it (DON'T
> CUT), at least for the short term. I expect a lot of storm damage timber
> (especially Sugar Maple) to come to market within the next six months. A
> "timber flood" of this type WILL drive the price down. If you can I'd
> suggest you hold on and let the market "digest" a bit before you try to
> sell your Sugar Maple. Of course if you have storm damaged and / or down
> material you really have no choice.

Prices will also be driven down more due to logging conditions and volume loss
due to splitting.  Markets for maple have been on the increase in recent
months, and I suspect we are seeing a market preference change.  Red oak has
been on top for the past 20 years, and is starting to lose favor to the tighter
grained woods.  Oak prices have been relatively unchanged for the past several
years, losing about 15% of the uppers price.  Of course other hardwoods should
go up in price, since mills will be laboring to digest the new influx of timber
and can't produce other hardwoods.  Tie markets are very strong - best in
several years.  I see a buyers market coming up in damaged areas.  Of courser,
we could grow mushrooms. <G>

I talked to someone who had driven through the area and said that hardwoods
lost a lot of limbs; however, the conifers faired pretty well with little


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