When Will They Get a Clue?!

Karl Davies kdavies at igc.apc.org
Sat Jan 17 22:10:11 EST 1998


I agree 200%!  My brother Ralph and I have been working on a
software program called BuyAware.  It allows consumer-citizens to
select and weight social and environmental screens for their
purchasing decisions.  Ratings of corporate producers would be
provided by monitoring organizations and `socially responsible
investment` firms.  Sort of like Shopping for a Better World by
CEP, but much bigger and better.  

We got as far as an alpha version of the program, but had to stop
due to financial constraints.  Acquiring the rating data was also
a problem.  I'd be glad to send you (or anyone else) a business
plan and prospectus if you might be interested in investing, or
even if you're just interested in the concept.  

The basic idea is to create a market for social and environmental
performance, a `Social Marketplace.`  We believe that if enough
people were to participate, the incentives for all manner of
production could change drastically.  Actually, it may not even
require a lot of people--given the importance of marginal sales. 
It's possible that just 1-2% of the consuming public could
exercise enormous influence.   

By the way, best not to listen to PBS too much.  It can rot your
brain and distort your priorities. <G>  They're tied to the same
corporate interests that control the commercial news media.  I
really dislike the Ford Expedition crowd, especially the ones who
chose forest green.  I'd like to run them off the road, but I'm
afraid I'd lose the contest.  I drive an old Saab 900.  I know
it's too big, but my long legs like Swedish cars.  And I'm 25% of
that persuasion.


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