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> Looking for information about wood fiber treatment with fungal additive
> to produce a high protein "hamburger substitute"

> I have heard that this was done during the
> Second World War in Scandinavia following the loss of the cattle to the
> German war effort.  Can
> not find information about this.  I'm sure that this was a war emergency
> effort  soon forgotten after the war--probably couldn't compete with
> McDonalds.
> My one cent--looking for the other half

While I don't know if it would work with wood, straw inoculated with some
fungi (which are cellulose specific degraders) allow locked food value to
be more easily digested by cattle. Paul Stamets began tossing his spent
straw bags into his feedlot. About a week after he began, he noticed his
veal calves would _RUN_ to the used straw and devour them, apparently in
preference to fresh alfalfa hay and grain.

After slaughter, his veal calf weighed nearly 100 pounds more than it's
twin, which was bought by a neighbor. Whether this has any application to
sawdust or logs used as a growing medium for mushrooms is unknown.

Let me know if you find anything.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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