Hedge apple tree?

J. Fiske jfiske at lightlink.com
Mon Jan 19 14:23:02 EST 1998

I think you may be refering to an Osage Orange (Maclura pomifera). I
believe the insect repellent properties you speak of are related to the
unique (some of us would say disagreeable) odor of the fruits and crushed

Osage Orange is a very unique tree. In addition to it's insect repellant
properties it is also extremely rot resistant. Probably the best fence post
and firewood material in the country (although Black Locust is a close

I'd be interested to hear more about where you have found it growing, and
how it's doing, particularly is it's outside of it's "native" range
(southern Arkansas, southeastern Oklahoma, and eastern Texas).

Thanks for the interesting question!
J. Fiske
Consultant Forester
jfiske at lightlink.com

chamil <chamil at cinci.infi.net> wrote in article
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> Does anyone know what a hedge apple tree is and why they chase away bugs?
> tree does have a proper name but I can't remember it.
> Thanks
> chamil at cinci.infi.net

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