Underwater Logging (was Ice storm...)

ForestFair forestfair at aol.com
Mon Jan 19 14:06:18 EST 1998

Karl kmorrisd at aol.com (KMorrisD) wrote on Jan. 19:

I had an interesting conversation yesterday with a local history buff about the
ice storm.  He said that following the 1938 hurricane  that hit central and
western Massachusetts, cut timber was stored in local ponds to prevent

The logs that sunk were retrieved up to years later as the ponds were not that
deep.  Can you imagine trying to do something practical and common sensical
like this today?!

I can believe it!  There was a short segment on the Discovery Channel 2-3
months ago describing a current log salvage operation in one of the Great
Lakes.  Very old logs are being brought up from the deep and milled into
lumber.   They are able to get some unusually wide boards, plus some woods that
aren't widely available now.   I think chestnut was among them.  The cold
temperatures at the lake bottom helped to preserve them.


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