Does Nature Know Best?

Anders Axelsson anders.axelsson at
Mon Jan 19 03:36:01 EST 1998

Ron Wenrich <woodtick at> wrote in article
<34BF3F3E.442D2591 at>...
> I'd like to point out that forestry has only been in practice for less
than 100
> yrs.  In the Northeast, that means about 1 rotation.  I'm not sure 1 crop
gives us
> a lot of knowledge of long-term associations.  
You are both right and wrong.On the one hand modern,very heavy machinery
has only been in use for a few decades.On the other hand,commercial CUTTING
of trees has been practised in Sweden(and I guess in other parts of Europe)
at least since the 13th
century or for 6 cycles or more.
These trees were used to build fires in mines to make the rock crack.This
was pre-Dynamite and enormous quantities of timber were used.Large parts of
the country were made tree-less as a consequence,but have subsequently been
used for forestry as we know it.Thus,the land can apparently prosper while
subjected to repeated harvesting of trees.


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