Ice Storm & NY Maples

ForestFair forestfair at
Mon Jan 19 15:28:30 EST 1998

 jostnix at (Jostnix) wrote on Jan. 16:

>Please wait until the ice clears before making anything big of the hype
>from news accounts of the ice storm.  I've found that looking back brings on
>little different perspective.
>I'm not saying it ain't bad, I just know all the motivations to make it look
>bad for things such as disaster aid, federal justifications, and on and on. 


I probably should have changed the subject to:  "In Defense of Upstate New
Yorkers" so read no further if your mind is closed <g>.

It's going to be a *long* time before the ice clears.  Now that many in
northern NY have had electricity restored (as of today, there are still 50,000+
NY customers without power), many of the storm victims now face ice _indoors_ 
from heating and plumbing systems that burst due to the lack of heat.   

As for the "motivations" to play the ice storm up, it looks like you're not
familiar with many rural upstate New Yorkers (and New Englanders). 
Generalizing, they are people who would do without before asking for help, but
would rush to assist a neighbor in need.  They won't ask for help unless
they're desperate. 

Down there in sunny Alabama, while you might have an ice storm or two, you
don't get a widespread storm that taxes resources for hundreds of miles around,
puts 2" (or more) of ice on trees, utility poles and wires, roads; followed by
wind chills way below zero, and then 10" and more of new snow dumped on top of
that. Y'all don't know the meaning of "cold."

I'll post separately a more objective analysis of the damage to the maple sugar
industry from the ice storm that hit NY, VT, NH, ME and Quebec.


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