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>Down there in sunny Alabama, while you might have an ice storm or two,
don't get a widespread storm that taxes resources for hundreds of miles
puts 2" (or more) of ice on trees, utility poles and wires, roads;
>followed by
wind chills way below zero, and then 10" and more of new snow
>dumped on top of
that. Y'all don't know the meaning of "cold."

Gimme a break... It only takes 32 degrees to make ice. Ice is not snow as you
are now figuring out.  "Sunny Alabama" gets socked in about every fifth year
with ice.  We are not in an area that produces much snow but in a fringe area
that has ice during major cold fronts (Gulf moisture). Snow is nothing, ice
kills.  You learn to live with it.

I have been in major ice storms where electricity was restored in two weeks, no
major tree damage.  I could not take a bath for two weeks, no major tree
damage.  I lost all my food in the freezer, no major tree damage. The power
company had five states helping in getting power, no major tree damage. No
telephone calls to the outside world, no major tree damage.  No water because
of frozen pipes, no major tree damage.

There is a smug northern attitude that the south has no clue about cold.  It
don't take  sub-zero weather to make things perfectly miserable. It just takes
ice.  Misery comes when you have rain and a cold that turns rain to ice.

Love ya but I dissagree..

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