Forest damage from ice storm?

Bert Weiss bertglas at
Tue Jan 20 01:06:38 EST 1998

>>       I have seen the reports of extensive damage to maple and other
>>trees from the ice storm that recently hit the NE States and eastern Canada.
>>With ice build up over 4 inches in places, I am wondering how the coniferous
>>forests are standing up?  That much ice seems like it could do
significant damge
>>to softwood stands, especially if the ice stays on the trees for a while yet.
>>Anybody have any information on this?
>>Larry Stamm
>>PO Box 561
>>McBride, BC V0J 2E0
>>email: larryst at

I drove from Portland Maine to Conway New Hampshire  last Saturday at the
peak of the power outage and iced tree event.  What I saw was pretty
amazing.  In downtown Gorham Me. every tree was broken.  For the most part
The softwoods were OK while the hardwoods mostly broke.  I have never seen
anything like this after a hurricane or anything.  It was 40 degrees on top
of Mount Washington and 30 degrees at sea level, and raining. These
conditions lasted from wednesday through saturday. Some areas were harder
hit than others.
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