Logging Rally

theo hopkins thopkins at thopkins.demon.co.uk
Tue Jan 20 15:57:34 EST 1998

In article <885096182.397737999 at dejanews.com>, mcready at northernnet.com
>Just returned from the logging rally in Orr, MN.  Close to a thousand
>people attended the noon rally at the Orr Community Center.

snip snip
>If all these EarthFirsters! want to see an unmanaged forest, all they
>have to do is go into the Boundary Waters.  There you have dead, diseased
>trees just waitng for a lightning strike.  The only healthy forests we
>have are those that are managed by our foresters and loggers.

Sorry there, but EF! are not the only folk that want to retain dead and
diseased trees. The retention of snags, dead fallen timber and many
diseased trees is a standard requirement from government in the latest
forestry regulations in, at least, the United Kingdom, Sweden and
Finland. Sweden and Finland are 'forestry dependent' countries in the
way that the USA has never been.
Theo Hopkins, Lower Champles Wood, England.

To many fungi a rotten tree is the first time it has seen lunch for 200 years.

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