Ice Storm & NY Maples

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Tue Jan 20 15:39:22 EST 1998

 jostnix at (Jostnix) expostulated:

> "Sunny Alabama" gets socked in about every fifth year
>with ice.  We are not in an area that produces much snow but in a fringe area
>that has ice during major cold fronts (Gulf moisture). Snow is nothing, ice
>kills.  You learn to live with it.
>I have been in major ice storms where electricity was restored in two weeks,
>major tree damage.  I could not take a bath for two weeks, no major tree
>damage.  I lost all my food in the freezer, no major tree damage. The power
>company had five states helping in getting power, no major tree damage. No
>telephone calls to the outside world, no major tree damage.  No water because
>of frozen pipes, no major tree damage.
>There is a smug northern attitude that the south has no clue about cold.  It
>don't take  sub-zero weather to make things perfectly miserable. It just
>ice.  Misery comes when you have rain and a cold that turns rain to ice.
>Love ya but I dissagree..
>Steve Nix, Alabama Registered Forester #745

Gee whiz, Steve, you forgot "You can take a chainsaw to them (Alabama trees),
no major tree damage."

ForestFair, SNA

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