Ice Storm & NY Maples

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Tue Jan 20 13:10:32 EST 1998

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> As for the "motivations" to play the ice storm up, it looks like you're not
> familiar with many rural upstate New Yorkers (and New Englanders). 
> Generalizing, they are people who would do without before asking for help, but
> would rush to assist a neighbor in need.  They won't ask for help unless
> they're desperate. 

It's too bad people are without power, but back to forestry.

I've been a little surprised at the hooting and hollering about maple trees
losing a few limbs.  Maybe New England maple are different.  Here in Oregon
we deal mostly with broadleaf maple and vine maple.  You can't kill a vine
maple if you try.  Broadleaf maple are a little bit less hardy, but 
standard practice to recondition urban broadleaf maple is to whack all the
branches off, leaving about 3 feet of stub.  In short order the tree will
grow a new crown.  It doesn't hurt the tree at all, though it slows down
the growth for about 5 years.

The only time we ever lose a maple is when it tips over and exposes the
root ball.  I'm pretty much with Steve, I think a lot of the ice damage
is just media hype.  If the trunk is still sound, the tree will probably
recover just fine.  

-- Larry

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