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All forest lands are managed.  Natural management (ie. Yellowstone)
has consequences as does man made management.  Mud slides and natural
erosion silts in and chokes waterways.  Forests full of deadfalls make
excellent tinder to spark forest fires clearcutting thousands of
acres.  Man only mimicks nature while gleaning benefits...including
opening inaccessible areas to recreation.  The idea of unspoiled
wilderness being an idealic fairyland is just the jaundiced view of a
few.  After all, if you have seen it, it is not unspoiled!
Eco-terrorists look at the inside of a ball and think it wonderful.
Multi-use management looks at the outside of the ball and wonders at
the universe of possibilities.

"DWP" <poultond at cadvision.com> wrote:

>Perhaps some public lands, the wild ones, don't have to be "managed".  They
>only have to be left alone.

>Dave Poulton

>> Halting cutting on public lands removes a very real and
>> useful tool of land management.  
>> Wayne Hart
>> NCSU '72

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