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>I lived in Alabama duringsome of those infamous ice storms and I can say
the difference is that the aftermath clears up much more quickly when
temperatures return to normal within a few days.  Thats the problem,
winter temps in Alabama allow the ice to melt within a day or two.  NY
still have evidence of this ice storm in march.

Great point and I am certainly no expert on ice outside the south.  However, I
know the hype surrounding "disasters" tends to rise because of many differing
agendas (mainly monitary). 

Government can be the worst offender . The media loves 'em for it.  I am always
suspicious when hard times turn into the apocalypse.  I predict this will not
destroy maple syrup producers just as Hurricane Opal, or any other hurricane,
did not destroy southern pecan producers (although major projections had the
industry drawn and quartered).  But only time will tell; not your government or

Hey, I would take this as hopeful news.  But many people would rather take it
that I am in some way slighting their situation and misery.  That is not my

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