Rally in Support of Timber Management

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Wed Jan 21 09:51:09 EST 1998

It's actions like those of Earth First that are helping to create a
"civil war" between Northern Minnesota and the enviromentalists of Twin
Cities.  If trees are so important to the "greens" why don't they take
more of an interest in preserving them right in their own 'back yard'. 
This not only means the enviro's in the Twin Cities but also all the
enviro's in other cities around the USA.  One of our representatives has
(or will -?-) introduce legislation that will require builders to plant
an acre or trees for every acre cleared to build homes.  I think it is a
great idea but, it should be to plant 2 acres of trees!!

Trees are a part of the  economy of Minnesota, so is mining, so is
recreation, so is farming, so is boating, fishing, canoeing,
snowmobiling.....  Who would YOU put out of business???  It's all a part
of Minnesota's economy! Eric
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> Conservationists With Common Sense urges all CWCS members to attend the
> rally at the Orr Community Center in Orr, MN on Saturday Jan. 17 at noon.
>  This rally is in support of the timber and logging industry.
> EarthFirst!, Earth Protectors and other environmental activists are
> encamped at the Little Alfie timber site to protest timber harvesting in
> National Forests. This is the next major national battleground over
> public land use initiated by the national green 'No Use' Movement.
> Our policy makers need to see hundreds and thousands of northern
> Minnesotans standing up for their beliefs - standing up for people,
> families, and communities.  Whether it's the BWCA, Voyageurs, wolf
> management, timber harvesting, wetlands or snowmobiling issues, we need
> to stand together or in the end we will stand separately.
> Come by car, truck or snowmobile.  Show your support for common sense
> management of our forests, and jobs with decent wages to sustain our
> families and communities.  Show your support for allowing the U.S. Forest
> Service to do what they were created to do - manage forests, not make a
> profit off timber sales. Support multiple uses of our public lands.
> Thank you.
> Conservationists With Common Sense
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