Ice Storm & NY Maples

Ron Wenrich woodtick at
Wed Jan 21 17:58:35 EST 1998

TREEFARMER at wrote:

> Before we get into a civil war over weather north and south of the Mason
> Dixon Line let me pose these thoughts.
> If there's serious damage to the Sugar Maples, won't sap production be
> hurt more next year than this. I would think that even with the crown
> missing, sap would still rise in the bole and could be tapped. Yet the
> real problem may come with disease and insects this next summer.
> Thoughts?

I have the same feelings about this years sap production.  The roots are
still in tact.  Epicormic branching should be quite abundant this year,
which may offset some production later on; however, the trees should
survive.  Tree survival is more important to sap production, since many of
these trees have lower timber value due to sap production (holes, old
spiles, etc).  How much disease enters through the old spile holes?

Trees not used for sap production will realize a loss, but even these trees
should be viable for several years, as long as the roots are in tact.  The
trees aren't dead.  With gypsy moth kill, we had about 1-2 yrs to salvage,
depending on the bark quality.  Then we lost just the sapwood.  Veneer value
was shot due to being dead trees, though.



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