fwd: Rick Bass on logging roads

Darren J. Young raccoon11 at aol.com
Wed Jan 21 17:05:33 EST 1998

In article <6a5gto$e8q$1 at scoop.suba.com>, mike at mail.ntsource.com says...
>   I agree with your sentiments, but the  "wise-use"   knuckle heads
>   will hang around like moss on a rock(with about the same IQ).
>    These folks thrive on stupidity, it is their rally call.--Muskie

Unfortunately Muskie, your definition of stupidity is anything that 
differs from YOUR opinion.

BTW, Muskie, speaking of knuckle heads, you STILL have not explain WHY 
you were trespassing.  I find it ironic that your comments are only 
geared toward those LEGAL things (like logging) which you don't like but 
never to explain YOUR illegal actions (i.e. trespassing) which you do 
seem to approve of.

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